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by masako ishikawa on Cardea Pain & Wellness
Very Pleased With The Outcome!

I was suffering from lower back pain. The Pain level is lower now. I am able to go to the gym and feel no pain. I am able to sleep through the night and can turn to the side without struggle.

I am very pleased with the outcome. Dr. Dal was pleasant to work with, as he understood my problem and fixed it in such a short period of time. The rest of his staff was very friendly too.

by Denise Johnson on Cardea Pain & Wellness
My VA Pain & Wellness Experience

My experience with Virginia Pain & Wellness Center was great. I was very apprehensive at first about trying the physical therapy, because of the stories I’ve heard from people suffering from bulging disc issues that tried physical therapy. I am glad I did. Dr. Bedi's methods do work. I have the relief I was looking for. The staff is very professional and very pleasant to work with. I feel great. Thank you Dr. Bedi.


I found Dr. Bedi excellent on all counts -- competent, effective, conservative in treatment in consultation with my orthopedist and very pleasant to work with, as were all of his staff. He enabled me to get relief from a painful and very troublesome straining of my back muscles through four weeks of treatment -- and gave me exercises to continue at home to prevent a recurrence.

by Andrea Forro on Cardea Pain & Wellness
The BEST spot for pain and spine health!

I hesitate to write my review because I feel I've discovered a secret place of wonderful and I'm worried I might have problems getting in once the secret's out 🙂 Seriously, I have been searching from Warrenton to Fairfax for a true "wellness" center to help with chronic back and neck pain and migraine problems. I did the Chiro dr. bit and that scared me to death. 5 minutes and the guy was crunching away at my back...no thanks! Other places I've tried seemed to barely hide their desire to separate me from my wallet. I was losing hope that I'd find relief and legitimacy. Luckily I tried Yelp during my search for an acupuncture Dr. in Reston and found Cardea. I called right away and got Danielle to help get me set. She was warm, knowledgeable and very helpful and she and Sara at the front have been that way every visit since (6 times so far!). The Dr.'s Bedi are different than any other doctors I've seen in that they are BOTH engaged and engaging, legitimately concerned about my progress, attuned to and aware of my anxiety issues and how to work with them AND Dr. Dal has awesome taste in music! 🙂 Dr. Dal and Dr. Sue focus on the physical therapy and my overall health picture. Dr. Meyi is who I've been seeing weekly now for acupuncture and she's very warm, informative and very caring. Then there is Kristin of the "magic" hands. She does massage therapy for me weekly and it's an experience unlike any other I've had. Normally massage is very painful for me... this is not. I joke with her that it's like a laying on of hands but it's really myofascial (sp?) release massage and it's heaven. Truly heaven. I am doing a poor job of conveying the "experience" of putting myself in the very capable and caring hands of Dr.'s Bedi and their staff. I'd ask you...when was the last time YOU felt like a dr. wasn't rushing you out of the room for patient # 45 of the day or like they were pandering to you so they could make another buck? I can't recommend this wonderful group of people more highly. Run, don't walk (if you can)...if not hobble in like me. Cardea Reston is worth anything it takes to get there!

by Carnelius Reilly on Cardea Pain & Wellness
Really Helpful!

Helpful, friendly staff and doctors. They helped me to understand my back pain. They also helped relieve me of my back pain and taught me the skills to avoid the pain in the future.

by Carmen Gentry on Cardea Pain & Wellness
High Quality Service

Cardea Pain & Wellness provides acupuncture with great care for the patient. My acupuncture treatment was extremely helpful and beneficial.

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